Trials Of Guardianship: 3 Reasons You May Want To Seek Guardianship Status

Guardianship status is granted to a person who is going to be taking care of a minor, incapacitated senior, or developmentally disabled adult. There are many cases where guardianship may need to be established, like in cases where a parent or other guardian has died or been sent to jail. 

Guardianships give you more rights than if you're simply a family member or friend, which is why it's important to seek out this legal status if you want to care for someone you love who has no one else established as a legal guardian.

Here are three reasons you may want to step up and seek guardianship.

Developmentally Disabled Adults: Guardianship for Medical Decisions

For those who suffer with disabilities, understanding medical requirements and what they are agreeing to may not always be something they understand fully. As a disabled adult's guardian, you'll be the one who takes the lead in these situations. 

For instance, if your developmentally disabled niece decides that she wants to have an operation to make it easier for her to stand, you will be the one who needs to discuss the procedure with the doctor and agree to let it take place. You'll be the person who gets to weigh the positives and negatives of the situation to make the best decision for your ward. 

Incapacitated Seniors: Guardianship for Nursing Care and Estate Planning

As the guardian of an incapacitated senior, your responsibility extends to finances and arranging care for your elderly ward. 

As a guardian, you may need to:

  1. Establish the cost of a nursing facility or an in-home nurse who can provide medical care to your ward.
  2. Arrange finances to be spent appropriately over the course of your ward's lifetime in addition to helping with any estate plans or wills that have to be written. 
  3. Ensure that the best wishes of the ward's family, if he or she has one, are met.

Minors: Guardianship for Children and Underage Wards

Guardianship for children and minors comes up more than you may think. If a parent or both parents are in jail, have passed away, or have been found unfit to parent a child, then you, as a family friend or relative, may apply for guardianship 

As the guardian of a minor, it's your responsibility to help the minor manage their assets, schooling, housing, and medical care. You will essentially be expected to act as a parent to the child in question. 

These are three times guardianship may be needed and what will be expected of you if you take on the role. Remember, guardianship is a legally binding position that puts you in charge of another person's life, so make sure it's something you want to take on before you apply. Talk to places like Burford Law Firm LLC for more information.