3 Signs Your Employer Isn't Treating You Properly After A Workplace Accident

Getting hurt at work is never a good thing, but the way that your employer handles your workers compensation case can make a big difference in how tough the healing process is. Employers are supposed to be supportive during this time period so that injured employees can focus on getting better, but unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Plus, some people don't even realize that their employers are treating them improperly. These are a few signs that your employer isn't treating you properly after a workplace accident; if you notice any of these signs, it's important to hire a workers compensation attorney to help ensure that your case is handled properly.

1. You're Being Asked to Come Back to Work

You should never try to go to back to work -- even part-time or on light duty -- unless your physician releases you to do so. If your employer is trying to convince you to do just that, then you need to get a workers compensation attorney involved. You shouldn't have to worry about potentially losing your job just because you are physically unable to work, and you could injure yourself worse by going back to work too soon. Plus, workers compensation could choose to deny your claim if you go back to work too early because it could be assumed that you are in better physical condition than you really are.

2. Your Job is Being Threatened

Your employer should never threaten to replace you with another worker or to fire you for being injured. If your employer has threatened you in this manner or if you have "heard through the grapevine" that your job is in jeopardy, then it's critical to hire a lawyer who can help protect your rights and preserve your job.

3. Your Medical Bills are Stacking Up

The last thing that you need to worry about after a workplace injury is how you are going to pay for your medical treatment. Workers compensation is supposed to cover this from day one. If this hasn't happened, a lawyer like Mooney and Associates LLC can help you get the ball rolling.

The way that your employer treats you after a workplace-related accident can make a big difference in how well the healing process goes for you. Since not all employers do the right thing by their employees after these accidents, it's critical to keep your eye out for these three signs that you aren't being treated as you should be. If you happen to notice any of them or otherwise think something is going wrong with your case, then it's important to hire a workers compensation lawyer right away to protect your legal rights.