3 Traffic Ticket Consequences An Attorney Can Help You Avoid

Hiring an attorney to fight a traffic ticket may seem like overkill to some, but for those trying to avoid the consequences involved with a traffic ticket, an attorney may be just what they need. Before deciding to just pay the fine, consider the three likely consequences of your ticket that are listed below.

Increase in Insurance

Insurance companies put a lot of money on the line, so of course they want to be sure that their risks for big payouts are at a minimum.

If you've been ticketed, you probably won't face an increase for your first offense. But more than one ticket in a time frame determined by your insurance company and you could be facing a serious hike in your insurance payments. The best way to learn about your company's policy on traffic tickets is to find it in your coverage contract. Calling your company with a "hypothetical" inquiry can still lead to an insurance rate hike, so beware.

Suspension of License

Each state will handle license suspensions differently which is why it's important to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in your state's laws.

License suspensions are usually for serial violators, so if this is your first moving violation, you probably don't have anything to worry about. The only exception to this would be a reckless driving charge, which can result in immediate license suspension. If your license is ever on the line, hiring a criminal traffic attorney may be your only way to avoid it.

Misdemeanor Charges

As mentioned above, reckless driving can immediately result in a license suspension (and not to mention an insurance rate increase). But reckless driving and other moving violations can also be considered misdemeanor offenses.

If your traffic offense has become a misdemeanor charge, hiring an experienced traffic attorney is your best possible chance of avoiding jail time and fines. Depending on the charges, your attorney can show the proof being offered isn't sufficient, or they can help you to plead down the punishment.

While traffic tickets may seem like a pesky consequence of driving, they can also lead to unwanted consequences, such as increase in insurance rates or suspension of license. In some cases, they can even be considered misdemeanor offenses worthy of jail time or hefty fines. If you find yourself fighting a traffic ticket, especially if it isn't your first, a criminal traffic attorney may be your best chance of minimizing the consequences involved.