Refuting Common Misconceptions About Court Reporting Services

Court reporting services are an essential part of the legal process because they create the written record of everything that transpires in the legal proceeding. Unfortunately, there are many new attorneys that may be poorly informed about what to expect when working with these services. If this applies to you, learning the realities behind the following couple of misconception will give you more of an insight into what to expect from these services.

Myth: Court Reporting Services Are Always Slow To Provide The Final Transcript

There is a common notion that these services will usually take a week or longer to prepare the final transcripts. While it is true that these professionals will need time to translate their shorthand, you should be aware that you can always request expedited service on receiving your copy. When you make this request, you will likely be required to pay an additional fee, but rush orders can usually be available within a couple of days. The exact policy regarding priority orders will vary based on the reporting service, and as a result, you should always inquire about any additional fees before requesting this service.

Myth: It Is Always Inconvenient To Get Additional Copies Of Transcripts

Another frequent misbelief is that receiving additional copies from these providers is an extremely inconvenient and slow process. Fortunately, the internet has made it possible for you to access these records whenever you need. Many providers offer their clients the opportunity to utilize online storage and delivery.

When you use these services, you will receive an account on the court reporting service's website, and the provider will post a copy of any transcripts that you have ordered. This can be an excellent option for those that will need to regularly share these transcripts with others. In addition to being provided with online access, you will also receive a physical formal copy of the transcript for your records.

Without court reporting services, it would be impossible for there to be a comprehensive record of what is said during court proceedings. However, new attorneys are often ill-prepared for what to expect when working with these services. Making sure that you know the truth behind the common notions that it is always slow to receive the final transcript and any copies that you may need will help you to ensure that you understand the variety of services that court reporting agencies often offer their clients. To learn more, contact a company like Farrell Court Reporting