Professional Insurance For Court Reporters

Court reporters can find employment on staff at any courthouse, and even in many attorneys' offices and law firms. Freelance court reporters are becoming more and more common. No matter where they are assigned to work, they must go through the training required to perform the job duties required of them. This training can be obtained on-the-job or in a formal school. This is not the only requirement to become a successful court reporter, however. These individuals should also be insured; there are several companies that provide this insurance.

Types of Insurance for Court Reporters

There are two basic types of insurance that should be of particular interest to court reporters. The first is liability insurance, the second is errors & omission Insurance. Liability insurance protects the court reporter and their freelance business or parent employer against damages caused by any problem during the process of performing court reporting services. This insurance also protects the court reporter from legal recourse in the event there was a problem with the transcript they provided of a proceeding that led to damage being suffered by one of the parties involved in the legal proceeding itself. 

Errors and omissions insurance policies provide coverage for any event that a court reporter's error or omission in transcribing a proceeding leads to legal liability issues for one of the involved parties. These policies not only cover transcription errors, they also cover failure to perform on the part of the court reporter, or failure to provide contracted services.

With the advances in technology, there is now a third type of insurance that is being offered to court reporters. Cyber liability insurance covers the court reporter and his/her business or employer in the aftermath of a hacking event or cyber security breach. This insurance provides coverage for damages to the court reporter's business and clients, as well as reputation repair services.

Where to Purchase an Insurance Policy for a Court Reporter

Insurance for court reporters is not as easy to obtain as other types of insurance. However, these policies can be obtained from several sources. There are several professional organizations, such as the National Court Reporters Association, that provide referrals and resources to court reporters. These professional organizations also provide discounts on professional insurance policies for members.

Membership is inexpensive and provides other discounts and services, such as job leads and resume assistance. There are also several large and reputable insurance companies that provide insurance policies to medical, legal and other professionals. These organizations provide policies at very reasonable premiums to cover the work of the court reporter, as well as other situations that may arise on the job. Contact a company like L & L Reporting Service, Inc. for more information.