Social Security Disability And Getting Married: Will It Affect Disability Benefits?

A lot of things in your life will change when you get married. For someone on disability, it is normal to wonder whether or not getting married will have an impact on your disability benefits.

It Depends on What Benefits You Are Getting

While a simple yes or no regarding whether or not getting married impacts your disability benefits is ideal, this isn't really a question with a cut and dry answer. There are different types of disability benefits and marriage will affect some, but not all. If you are receiving SSI, your benefit will be affected. If you are receiving SSDI, it may or may not be affected.

With SSDI, you may be claiming through your own work record or someone else's. By getting married, the work record will change and you could lose all benefits. However, getting it on your own and getting married will have no effect, regardless of your partner's income or benefit claims.

It will also depend on your age. If you are still receiving SSDI from an ex-spouse who has since died, you will lose the benefits if you marry before 60 or 50 if you are disabled, according to Social Security. The same applies if you were a widow or widower without divorce.

If you claim through your parents', your benefits will stop when you get married. Getting it through an ex-spouse will mean you lose your benefits completely when you remarry.

Changes to SSI

Your SSI benefit will change when you remarry. How much it will change or if you lose it completely will vary depending on individual circumstances. When you marry, your income and assets value will change. By marrying, your partner's assets become partially yours, which could take your income over the threshold allowed for claiming SSI. Your husband/wife's income will also become part of your income.

If your partner also claims SSI, the amount you gain will change. This is because you will both move from two single claims to a joint claim, which is lower than two single claims put together.

Marriage will affect your social security disability benefits depending on your circumstances. You will need to consider your personal circumstances, including age and the type of benefit you claim. Only then will you get a rough idea of how your financial benefits will change. If you are worried about your benefits being affected, you should contact Social Security or invest in an attorney to help work out your future payments after marriage. To find out more, speak with someone like Espy Metcalf & Espy PC At Law.