Need A Liquor License For Your Indiana Restaurant? 3 Things You Should Know

When it comes to obtaining a license to serve beer, wine, and liquor in a restaurant, the laws vary from state to state. Indiana, in particular, has some laws pertaining to employee permits that many other states do not. For this reason, it's vital that you study all the rules and regulations for your state before you request a license from the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. Following are just a few things you should know about getting a liquor license for your restaurant in Indiana. 

License Type and Fees

There are three major types of alcohol permits in the state of Indiana, including the One-Way, Two-Way, and Three-Way. The license you need depends primarily on what types of beverages you want to serve. With the One-Way license, you can serve beer only. The Two-Way license allows you to serve beer and wine. If you want to serve liquor as well as wine and beer, you will need a Three-Way license. The license will cost you anywhere between $500 to $1,000, depending on the license type. These prices are only valid if you purchase your license from the ATC directly. If you have to purchase a license from another vendor, you may have to pay more. 

License Quotas and Population

The ATC issues a set number of liquor licenses for each municipality or zone in the state. The number of permits that are available is fixed, meaning the ATC will only sell a specific number of permits for a particular zone. If all of the permits have been sold in your zone, you will not be able to purchase one until one becomes available or the population increases, causing the ATC to raise the number of licenses available. You may be able to convince a vendor to sell you their license, but you will likely pay more for it.  

Bartender and Waitstaff Permits

In Indiana, all of your employees who sell or serve alcohol have to have permits as well. To get a permit, your employees will have to pay a fee and attend an ATC approved training program within 120 days of being hired. You should also know that your servers should be over the age of 21. While servers who are 19 and 20 can serve some alcoholic beverages, there are restrictions you must follow. 

To get a liquor license in the state of Indiana, contact the ATC to see if there are any available in your area and ask for an application. For more information, contact local professionals for your state like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants.