Did You Unkowingly Buy A Car From The Auto Dealership That Had Major Mechanical Problems? Get A Lawyer Fast

If an auto dealership sold you a car and you  believe that they knew there were major complications with the vehicle, and now you are stuck with a vehicle that needs thousands of dollars' worth of repairs, you want to call a law firm. You want to find out if there is anything you can do about the purchase of the vehicle, and if you can at least return the vehicle and get your money back. Here are some of the things to talk with the lawyer about, and things you want to provide them with.

Buyer Contract

You most likely had a contract that you signed, a buyer agreement, and you should have a copy. You want to give this to the lawyer so they can go through it to see if you have any rights, or to see if the dealership broke the law in anyway. If you can't get this, your lawyer may be forced to call the dealership to ask for one.

Details About the Vehicle Provided by the Dealership

Did the dealership provide you with information about the vehicle in documentation, and do you still have these? Any documents would include:

  • The VIN report
  • A report from a mechanic
  • The online listing and information

Once you have all of these documents you can see if the dealership and sales professionals withheld information from you, and if they were advertising the vehicle with false information. This could be a variety of charges.

Costs Associated with the Vehicle

How much have you had to put into the vehicle since you purchased it? Where there major repairs, like the motor, transmission, or other things, that mechanics have told you have been going on for a while? If so, bring documentation of all the repairs that have been needed, and the bills that you paid for these repaired.

It is illegal for an auto dealership to sell you a vehicle without providing you with all the information that they have on that particular vehicle. If there were major flaws that their mechanics would have noticed when the vehicle was inspected, and they deliberately kept that information from you because they wanted the sale of the vehicle to go through, you want to fight to get your money back for the car, and you want to be free of the burden. Talk with a lawyer about the information you have and your rights today.