Why Your Lawyer May Want To Refer Your Case

If you are pursuing a personal injury case, there is always a chance that your current lawyer may refer you to another lawyer or law firm. Here are some of the reasons your lawyer may do that:

They Are Swamped With Cases

A good personal injury attorney will not continue with your case if he or she has too heavy a case load. You may be wondering why such a lawyer would take your case in the first place. Well, it might be that they thought your case would be simple and quickly completed, but something happens that complicates your case. In such a situation, it makes sense for the lawyer to refer your case to another firm that can better handle it.

They Aren't Specialized In Your Case

A good lawyer will also refer your case to a suitable firm if they aren't specialized in your case. For example, say you have been injured in what appears to be a routine car accident and you think another motorist caused the crash through negligence. Now, suppose it turns out that you were actually injured because the section of the road on which you were injured was defectively designed, and you have to sue the government. In such a case, if your lawyer isn't experienced in cases involving the government, it makes sense for them to refer you to another lawyer with the relevant experience.

They Don't Have the Necessary Financial Muscle

In a typical accident case, you don't pay upfront fees to the lawyer; rather, the lawyer pays for the cost of the lawsuit and deducts the costs when you receive your settlement check. However, even seemingly inexpensive cases may turn out to be expensive after some time. Maybe the case requires expensive expert witnesses, is projected to drag for a long time, or has been transferred out of state to a court that has jurisdiction over the matter or defendant. In such a case, it's good for the lawyer to refer the case to another professional with the financial muscle to handle it.

They Have Unearthed Conflict Of Interest           

Lastly, a good lawyer may also refer your case to another firm if they unearth a conflict of interest after taking your case. Take an example where the law firm agreed to take your car accident case and later learns that the accident was caused by a defective brake whose manufacturer the law firm is representing in a class action lawsuit. In such a case, it is unethical and illegal for the law firm to continue representing you, and they will refer you to another law firm.