Myths Concerning Social Security Disability Benefits

Becoming disabled can be a major fear for many individuals. However, it is common for some people to have misinformation when it concerns these important benefits. After being misled by this information, you will be far less capable of going through the process of being approved for these benefits.

Myth: Only Elderly Individuals Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

It is often assumed that only elderly individuals can qualify for these benefits. This may be due to the fact that these benefits are administered by the Social Security Administration. However, this is not the case as this program is open to individuals of any working age.

Myth: Benefits Are Approved Or Denied Fairly Quickly

While becoming disabled can represent an acute financial crisis, it is important to realize that the process of applying for these benefits will be fairly slow and lengthy. In fact, it can take many months before a person will learn whether or not they have been approved to receive these benefits. This may seem like it will be intolerable, but there is simply no way for applicants to expedite the process. For this reason, it is always wise to start the application process immediately so that you can reduce the time before you start receiving your benefits. Luckily, individuals that are approved will receive back pay for the time it took to process and approve their application.

Myth: An Attorney Is Not Needed When Applying For Social Security Disability

You might think that applying for these benefits will involve little more than filling out paperwork and submitting your medical records. However, there can be a number of hearings that will need to be held. Also, medical evaluations may be required to confirm the findings of your doctor. Being represented throughout this process will help you to avoid the types of mistakes and oversights that could contribute to your application being refused.

Myth: Disability Benefits Can Not Be Revoked Once They Are Granted

Individuals may assume that their disability benefits will always be permanent. However, it is possible for these benefits to be revoked. One of the most common reasons for this type of revocation is due to individuals exceeding the work limits that are stipulated in the benefits agreement. Also, it may be required to continue to seek and undergo treatment for the condition. Your Social Security lawyer will be able to help you understand the numerous regulations that may apply to these benefits so that you can avoid these types of serious infractions.