3 Tips For Avoiding A Car Accident For New Drivers

Avoiding accidents is the greatest way to guarantee you don't have to interact with your insurance company or lawyers as a new driver. You can't always avoid accidents, but there are numerous steps you can take to reduce your risk of getting into an accident.

#1 Cut Down on Distractions

Distractions can be deadly for all drivers and even more so for new drivers who are still learning the rules of the road. Distracted driving is the direct or indirect cause of numerous accidents. There are lots of ways you can reduce distractions when you drive.

Cell Phone

To start with, put your phone away! Driving is not the time to take text or make phone calls. Yes, you can use a wireless headset to make phone calls. However, as a new driver, its best to not interact with your phone at all when driving. Put your phone away where you can't easily access it when you are driving.


Set up your radio or streaming music before you get on the road. Adjusting your music, even if you are using controls on the steering wheel, can take your attention from the road. As a new driver, try to set up your music before you get on the road.

Food & Drinks

Finally, avoid eating and drinking in the car when possible. Eating and drinking takes one of your hands away from the steering wheel, making it harder for you to react in an emergency.

When driving, focus on the task at hand. Fix your music before you start driving. Put your phone away or put it on airplane mode when you're behind the wheel. Don't eat and drink while driving either.

#2 Know Where Your Blind Spots Are

Next, you need to know where your blind spots are in each vehicle you drive. Not being aware of your blind spots can easily lead to an accident.

Remember, even when you think you know where all the vehicles around you are at, you always need to check your mirrors and over your shoulder to ensure you know where other vehicles are before changing lanes or backing up. The other drivers around you could be distracted or change course unexpectedly, so always check.

#3 Take Care of Your Car

Finally, take care of your car. Always get your fluids changed and checked on time. Keep an eye on the tread and pressure on your tires. Pay attention to the check engine light. Having a fully functional vehicle can make all the difference on your ability to stay safe on the road.

Unfortunately, not all accidents are avoidable. Other drivers may be distracted, unaware of their blind spots, or driving a poorly maintained vehicle. If you get into a car accident, reach out to a personal injury attorney service right away. An auto attorney can help guide you through the claims process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve from your insurance company.