Collecting Workers' Compensation? 4 Situations You Need To Discuss With Your Attorney

If you've been injured on the job and you've applied for workers' compensation benefits, you need to hire an attorney immediately. Once you've hired an attorney, you need to be open and honest with them at all times. Your attorney will have a difficult time working on your legal case if they're caught off guard, especially where your activities are concerned. In addition to all the medical information you'll need to provide your attorney with, there's other information you'll also need to provide. Take a look at the situations described below. If any of these situations apply to you, discuss them with your attorney as soon as possible. 

You've Had Other Work-Related Injuries

If this isn't your first work-related injury and you haven't talked to your attorney about the previous case, do that right away. Now that you're collecting workers' compensation benefits, the insurance company will be looking into your past, especially where previous work-related injuries are concerned. Your attorney will need to know about those injuries so that they can be prepared with a proper defense should the insurance company attempt to deny your claim. 

You've Been Actively Posting on Social Media

If you're active on social media and you've continued the activity throughout your time off from work, you need to share that with your attorney. They'll need to know what you've posted, especially posts that may affect your workers' compensation claim. For instance, if you've recently enjoyed a mini-vacation and you've posted pictures of the activities you participated in, share those details with your attorney. Posting pictures of yourself participating in physical activities while collecting workers' compensation can cause serious problems for you. Your attorney will need to be aware of the situation. 

You've Been Caught Doing Something You Shouldn't 

If you have a list of activities that you need to avoid while out on workers' compensation and your employer has caught you ignoring the restrictions, talk to your attorney immediately. For instance, if your injuries prevent you from doing any heavy lifting and your employer caught you lifting a 50-lb bag of dog food at the grocery store, you'll need to let your attorney know as soon as possible. 

You've Refused Some Forms of Recommended Treatment

Finally, if you're collecting workers' compensation for a work-related injury, you're required to follow your doctor's orders. If you've refused a recommended course of treatment, your attorney will need to know about it. This is particularly important if you feel that the recommended treatment would adversely affect you or if you'd prefer to get a second opinion before agreeing to the treatment. 

Don't take chances with your workers' compensation claim. If any of the situations discussed above pertain to you, talk to your workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible.