Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You With A Divorce From Your Estranged Husband

As a woman, there are likely many reasons you want a divorce from your spouse, but if your spouse is no longer living with you and you are estranged from him, you need to consult with an attorney. It is one thing to not be on speaking terms, but when you no longer have a convenient line of communication because he is living elsewhere, an attorney can help in many ways. The following are a few things they can do.

They can assist with an out-of-state divorce

If your spouse is located in another state, a divorce can be complex because there are variations in state laws concerning divorce. If you are not on speaking terms with your spouse, this only further complicates the issue. A divorce attorney understands the laws in each state and which pertain to your particular situation. Often a divorce might only be a matter of paperwork, but when there are interstate issues in a divorce, a lawyer can explain the laws and the specific action that will need to be taken. Even though an interstate divorce can take longer, it will be smoother will the help of a divorce attorney.

They can assist in locating your spouse

If you don't know where your spouse is, you are not alone as this situation is not as uncommon as you may think. A divorce attorney has resources that you don't have access to, including databases and public records that you may not know exist. They understand the best potential way to find your spouse given the information you have about him and his last know whereabouts. They can find your spouse even in the case that he is deceased or in prison.

They can assist when he is incarcerated

Getting a divorce from a man who is in prison is not as simple as you might think. Regardless of the reason for your spouse being in prison, he still has rights during a divorce proceeding. Like other spouses outside of prison, he will need to be served notice of the divorce proceedings, and he will have a right to appear in court. You may have reasons to fear for your safety, but an attorney may be able to argue to a judge and allow for your spouse's appearance to be from a closed-circuit television or other precautions to be taken. However, often an attorney can convince a man it is best to sign divorce papers and put his marriage behind him.

If you are estranged from your husband and are thinking about a divorce, a divorce law firm can provide you with important services. They can assist in an interstate divorce, they can locate your spouse if you cannot him, and they can assist in divorcing a spouse who is currently in prison.