How Immigration Attorneys Help When Green Cards Are Denied

Love is often unpredictable and many people find their match in another country or in the form of somebody working in America on a visa. And getting married and receiving a green card is a huge part of this process. However, these green card applications may be rejected if the officials do not believe that the marriage is legitimate. And while scary, this situation isn't impossible to manage with the help of an immigration attorney.

1. Green Card Rejections Can Be Scary

Anybody applying for a green card must provide evidence that their marriage is legitimate and not just a way for a person to move to a country. Unfortunately, there are chances that this evidence may not convince the proper officials and they may deny a green card any way. Reasons for this type of denial may include the fact that the two married individuals live in separate homes.

Though this type of living situation is often a temporary one until the green card is approved, some officials may take it as evidence of marriage fraud. And couples trying to make a new life together may find themselves struggling and not knowing what step to take next. Thankfully, immigration lawyers can help manage green card rejection and avoid this complication for these couples.

2. Appeals are Possible

Appealing denied green card applications is a process that requires filling out a lot of paperwork, presenting evidence that the marriage is legitimate, and creating a case that is much harder to combat. This process can be very challenging and emotional for the newly wed couple. Trying to sort through this paperwork with fears of expulsion from the country is going to be very upsetting.

As a result, it is critical to get an attorney who understands this process. Immigration lawyers have years of experience handling cases like these and know how to protect couples from denials and other types of problems. They can create the case, collect affidavits proving that the marriage is legitimate, and take other steps to ensure that this couple is happy and productive with their appeal.

These attorneys may be particularly crucial if the officials attempt to bring criminal charges of marriage fraud against the couple. Protecting themselves from this type of situation is critical and a great immigration legal expert can ensure things go smoothly for them. For more information on how to handle your case, contact an immigration attorney.