The Benefits Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney Before You Are Charged

People often put off retaining the services of a criminal defense attorney until after they have officially been charged with a crime. While this approach is certainly better than choosing to represent yourself in a criminal matter, choosing to retain these legal services before you are formally charged can prove even more beneficial. 

Avoid Making Incriminating Statements

If you have become the focus of a criminal investigation, any statements that you make to law enforcement can be used against you even if you have not formally been placed under arrest yet. While your first instinct may simply be to offer full cooperation, especially if you are innocent of the crime in question, this may not be the best approach from a legal standpoint. Choosing to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as you become aware of the investigation will allow you to rely on their expertise when determining when it is best to cooperate with law enforcement and when it is best to remain silent. 

Ensure Procedural Fairness

The law outlines the exact procedures which law enforcement officers and prosecutors are supposed to follow when investigating and prosecuting a crime. These legal procedures are put in place to protect the rights of the public and to prevent any abuse of power. Unfortunately, many people are not fully aware of their rights and the procedures which are put in place to protect these rights. As a result, individuals may be completely unaware of the fact that their rights have been violated. 

Hiring a criminal defense attorney before you are charged with a crime will not only allow you to ensure proper procedure is followed and that your rights are protected, but it will also allow your lawyer to document any procedural violations that may be useful in your defense if you are formally charged.

Make The Arrest Process Less Traumatic

Being placed in handcuffs and led away from a public place or from in front of your family can be a traumatic experience. Being arrested without warning can also lead to you spending significant amounts of time either in a holding cell or a county jail before bail can be posted in order to secure your release. When you hire a criminal defense lawyer prior to being charged, this lawyer can arrange for a private surrender at the local police department if you are going to be placed under arrest. This will not only allow you to avoid the public spectacle of being arrested but also allow you to make arrangements for being immediately bailed out once your arrest has been processed. 

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