A Guide to Working With a Construction Attorney

The construction industry has a $1.36 trillion value in the United States. This is a testament to how vital this industry is, and how new development properties are popping up regularly. If you're working on construction projects of any variety, you should take time to handle the legal matters that come with it. Start with the tips in this article so that you can begin planning out your construction project.

1. What kind of construction project are you pursuing?

Before moving forward with any legal issues, you have to get a clear idea and understanding of the type of project you're planning out. Maybe you're simply building your custom dream home and need a lawyer to go over the paperwork with you, or perhaps you're building a multi-use commercial and residential development that requires rezoning permits, multiple property acquisitions, and a variety of legal contracts for the workers that you hire. By understanding the type of project that you're working on, it'll steer you toward the best lawyer for the job. 

2. How can a construction attorney be helpful?

A construction lawyer is essential if you're planning out any kind of development. They'll help you to draw up specific contracts for every piece of business that you conduct. This alone will save you some serious legal problems and make sure that you're able to prevent liabilities or any ambiguity or misunderstandings. They're also useful for lien searches, and will assist you in litigation or any sort of negotiations or resolutions that must occur as the project moves forward. 

3. Have you found a quality lawyer?

When you're ready to get the best from your construction project, make sure that you speak to a handful of different legal firms that can represent you. Check into their state bar association and ask around for their rates and fees. You might pay $350 or more for the help of a seasoned construction attorney. Get the agreement in writing so that you can lock in the lawyer and proceed with the services that they're offering. A quality construction lawyer can also be valuable in helping you find certified public accountants (CPA) and other professionals that will assist you in the construction process. 

Use the points above and begin reaching out to professional lawyers that can assist you with your next construction project. If you would like more information about your options, reach out to a construction attorney.