Does What Kind Of Vehicle You Got In An Accident With Affect Your Right To Sue?

If you've been injured in a vehicle accident, it's important to know how to proceed to get a full recovery. What you need to do can vary based on the type of vehicle. Here's how different types of vehicles can impact your claim.


Many people have very strong opinions about motorcycles. They might think all riders are dangerous. Some people think other vehicles don't pay enough attention to motorcycles and are responsible when a motorcycle is in an accident. These biases can affect your case whether you were on a motorcycle or got hit by a motorcycle.

If a motorcycle was involved in your accident, it's important to have a vehicle accident attorney with experience handling motorcycle crashes. They can help prove exactly what happened in the accident and overcome any biases. In addition, since motorcycle accidents often have more severe injuries, you'll also want an attorney with experience in how to handle that aspect of the case.

Large Trucks

Large trucks often have a special set of rules that they must follow. In addition to normal traffic laws, this can include things like limits on the number of hours the driver can drive and having to have special safety equipment. These rules are designed to protect your safety.

If a large truck wasn't following the safety rules, that can give you additional grounds to sue for negligence in your vehicle accident. Even if you think you might have done something wrong, a truck violating a safety rule might make them responsible for the accident. You'll want an attorney who is familiar with these special rules and how to use them to make your case.

Business Vehicles

When you get in a crash with a vehicle that's doing any type of business, it can be difficult to figure out who to sue. The driver may or may not be personally responsible. The owner of the vehicle may not be the company name that's painted on the vehicle. There can also be additional complications with contractors, transportation contracts, or corporate ownership.

If you sue the wrong person or business for an accident, your case could be dismissed. You may no longer have time to file a lawsuit against the right party. It's important to have your attorney review all of the facts early to be able to correctly identify the responsible party to sue.

To learn more about how to recover from your accident, contact local vehicle accident attorneys today.