3 Biggest Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Car Accident Case

A wrong move after a car crash can cause adverse health complications, affecting your life considerably. Besides that, some mistakes can ruin your chances of getting a favorable settlement, putting you at risk of not recovering financially. 

For that reason, it's essential to learn what to do and avoid after a collision. And, the best way to steer clear of these costly errors is by hiring a car accident lawyer immediately after the unfortunate event. A lawyer helps you evade the following mistakes. 

Taking Too Long to Seek Justice

Waiting too long to seek justice for your injuries and losses is detrimental to your case. That's because the law requires you to file your case within a particular duration. When this statute limitation passes, the opportunity to file a claim is gone. 

Typically, the first weeks or months following the crash can be hectic as you recuperate from your injuries. Unfortunately, the claim application duration can pass without your knowledge as you focus on healing the wounds. So to avoid this, you should hire a car accident attorney to start the claim application process on your behalf before the stipulated period elapses. 

Accepting an Unfavorable Offer

If you're hard-pressed for cash after an accident, a quick settlement might sound appealing. Of course, it will help you clear your medical bills and fix your dented car. However, this might be a costly mistake. Some insurers use this tactic to convince accident victims to accept a lower settlement so they don't have to pay as much money.

Unfortunately, when you receive the offer, you may not reopen the case. So, if the settlement seems undervalued, do not accept it. Instead, talk to your lawyer to calculate an amount that will fully cover your medical expenses and other damages. 

Handling the Claim Yourself

Handling the claim yourself can jeopardize your chances of getting a favorable payment. In addition, your insurer might take advantage of your inadequacy in law to illegally lower your settlement. Besides, without guidance from an experienced lawyer, you might not know the proper procedure to follow when filing your claim, hence slowing down the case. 

Don't make the mistakes above when you get into a car crash because you might never get justice. But, most importantly, don't start the process of seeking compensation without legal representation. Remember that a car accident lawyer will not charge you any fee until your case is successful. Therefore, you have no reason not to work with a lawyer. Contact a local car accident lawyer to learn more.