How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Motorcycle Accident Case?

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can turn your life upside down. Your motorcycle could be damaged and unusable. You may find yourself injured and unable to work. Instead, your day is filled with doctor's appointments and physical therapy. Even worse is the fact that you have mounting expenses. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you may hope for it to be over as quickly as possible and you might wonder how long a lawsuit will typically take.

An Attorney Can Expedite the Process

The best way to receive compensation as soon as possible is to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney. For example, your attorney can help you fill out forms. While you might plan on filing a lawsuit, pursuing a settlement is often a better option. You may actually receive more in compensation through a settlement and a settlement can be resolved very quickly.

Courts are Often Backlogged

The courts tend to be backlogged and a settlement can be finished much more quickly in most situations. However, you may be able to resolve your case more quickly if you consult with a motorcycle injury attorney. They will know how to expedite the process and will handle much of the work for you.

Beware of Early Settlement Offers

In some cases, your motorcycle accident case can be resolved in a few weeks. The auto insurance provider of the other driver might contact you with the goal of settling your case. However, you will always want to speak with your motorcycle accident attorney before you accept the settlement offer. Your attorney may encourage you to make a more substantial counter-offer.

The Defendant is Given Time to Respond

A lawsuit can take a lot more time because there are several extra steps involved. You will file a complaint and the defendant will then be provided with an opportunity to respond to the complaint. You must prove that the defendant has been adequately served. You must go through the discovery process and take full advantage of it. Then, you must wait for the trial and hope that you ultimately win your case. 

While a motorcycle accident case can take a long time to be fully resolved in many cases, you will eventually have a day in court if you are not able to settle. In some cases, you may settle your case shortly before the trial.

However, motorcycle accident cases are often more likely to go to trial because a jury is less likely to be sympathetic toward a motorcycle plaintiff. Therefore, it's important to always involve an attorney who has experience with motorcycle accident cases.