When Does A Company Need A Corporate Lawyer?

While many business owners will never need a corporate lawyer, there can be situations when hiring a lawyer in this field is necessary. Take a look at a few situations when a business owner may need to reach out to a corporate lawyer for advice. 

You Are Planning to Merge Two Businesses or Acquire an Additional Business 

One area of specialty among corporate lawyers is offering legal counsel through mergers and acquisitions. If you are a business owner and you are looking at either buying another company or merging with another business entity, hiring a corporate lawyer is advised. The attorney will help with several aspects of the process, such as: 

  • Negotiating agreements between you and the other business owner 
  • Making sure all steps in the merger or acquisition are properly documented 
  • Overseeing the process of dealing with outside investors in both businesses 
  • Drafting necessary contracts between you and the other business owner to complete the process 

Your Business Has Been Accused of Breaking Security Laws

Businesses that are publicly traded on the stock market have to abide by certain rules to prevent market manipulation. For example, securities laws do not allow insiders from within the business to trade stocks and bonds to drive up the price of the stock. In the event you are accused of taking part in these fraudulent practices as a business owner, it is critical to enlist the legal help of a corporate lawyer as quickly as possible. Corporate lawyers can act as securities law attorneys to make sure you have fair representation when you are facing strict penalties for breaking securities laws. 

You Are Negotiating a Contract with a Venture Capitalist 

Venture capitalists are an excellent way to obtain financing as a business owner when you need private funding. However, working with a venture capitalist to raise these funds can involve unique needs when it comes to staying legally compliant and protected. Bringing in the help of a corporate lawyer will mean you have someone to provide ongoing counsel, make sure the appropriate contracts are drawn, and guide you through understanding things like capitalist licensing and required contractual agreements. 

Find Help from a Corporate or Securities Law Attorney Near You 

In the event you need a lawyer to help you through complex legal matters, a corporate or securities law attorney can help. Reach out to a corporate lawyer in your area to learn more about the services they have to offer.