3 Things To Bring Your Auto Accident Lawyer From The Doctor's Office

If you have been in a car accident and are working with an attorney, you probably want to make sure that you bring everything that you can to help with your case. For example, you may need to bring a few things from your doctor’s office. These are a few of the things that you will want to bring along to your appointment with your attorney. 1. Medical Bills One of the main things that your lawyer might be fighting for is ensuring that your medical bills are covered.

3 Signs That You Might Be Entitled To Spousal Support

If you are thinking about getting a divorce from your spouse, you probably want to ensure that you get everything that you are entitled to during the dissolution of your marriage. You might have already thought about things like the division of marital property and how the money in your joint accounts will be divided, but you might not have thought about spousal support. Often called alimony, spousal support refers to payments that your spouse will pay you after your marriage has ended to help you pay bills and otherwise take care of yourself.

3 Big No-No's During A Nasty Divorce That Could Land You With Criminal Charges

If there is one civil matter that can get pretty ugly, it is a divorce. When two people vow to spend their lives together and things turn sour, emotions can be running pretty high and two parties involved don’t always make rational decisions. If you are in the middle of a nasty divorce, there are more than a few reasons to step back from the situation and try to maintain your composure, one of the biggest being that some of your actions could lead you to criminal charges or hot water in divorce court.

Filing For Worker's Compensation? Know What Damages Will And Won't Be Paid For

Many people know that workers’ compensation helps pay for the damages that you sustained due to an injury at work.  You may be wondering what that really means, and what type of damages you can expect to receive compensation for.  Here is what you need to know. Pain & Suffering The purpose of workers’ compensation laws is to make it easy for someone to receive compensation for work-related accidents.  The compromise to this is that some damages are not paid for.

Personal Injury Law: 3 Types Of Evidence To Establish Identity Of Dog

With approximately 1,000 Americans requiring emergency medical attention each day from dog bite injuries, it’s safe to say that there are quite a fair amount of dog bite personal injury claims filed each year. If you’re the victim of an attack, establishing the identity of the dog and the dog owner is one of the first steps to opening a personal injury claim. You want to be able to prove beyond a reasonable amount of doubt the identity of the dog that attacked you.

Need A Liquor License For Your Indiana Restaurant? 3 Things You Should Know

When it comes to obtaining a license to serve beer, wine, and liquor in a restaurant, the laws vary from state to state. Indiana, in particular, has some laws pertaining to employee permits that many other states do not. For this reason, it’s vital that you study all the rules and regulations for your state before you request a license from the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. Following are just a few things you should know about getting a liquor license for your restaurant in Indiana.

Can Workers' Comp Pay For Dental Injuries?

Regardless of what type of workplace injury you suffer, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical bills. Unfortunately, some workers are not aware that workers’ comp also covers dental injuries that are work-related. If you suffered a dental injury in the workplace, here is what you need to know.   Which Dental Injuries Qualify? Workers’ compensation is designed to cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages that result from a workplace injury.

At What Point Can You Sue For College Hazing?

Hazing was once just a right of passage. However, times have changed! There are now more rules in colleges against it and it could be possible to sue against those involved. If you have been involved in college hazing that crossed a line, it is normal to want to know more regarding whether or not you can take legal action. First, What Is Hazing? What’s the difference between hazing, bullying, and other similar activities?

In Wisconsin, Can You Sue If Your Boss Won't Let You Return After A Work-Related Injury Leave?

According to the Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Act, your employer cannot refuse to rehire you after you have been injured on the job and are cleared to return to work by your doctor. This is so long as the employer has suitable employment available for you. However, the act does not require your employer to hold your job position for you while you are recovering from your injury. While this may all sound confusing, see if you can learn about it below.

Professional Insurance For Court Reporters

Court reporters can find employment on staff at any courthouse, and even in many attorneys’ offices and law firms. Freelance court reporters are becoming more and more common. No matter where they are assigned to work, they must go through the training required to perform the job duties required of them. This training can be obtained on-the-job or in a formal school. This is not the only requirement to become a successful court reporter, however.

Why Cash Bail Bonds Are An Important Part Of The Justice System

In recent years, there has been a move among legal experts to abolish the bail bond system and replace it with something that could track offenders and be more fair to those who can’t afford bail. This is thought to be a better idea for those who don’t have the means to pay in money, so they don’t have to sit in jail while they wait for their trial. However, it is important to maintain the cash bail bond system to help maintain the legal system as a whole.

Social Security Disability And Getting Married: Will It Affect Disability Benefits?

A lot of things in your life will change when you get married. For someone on disability, it is normal to wonder whether or not getting married will have an impact on your disability benefits. It Depends on What Benefits You Are Getting While a simple yes or no regarding whether or not getting married impacts your disability benefits is ideal, this isn’t really a question with a cut and dry answer.

Warranty Vs. Quitclaim Deed

On closing day, there is a mountain of paperwork that needs to be completed before you can receive the keys to your new home. One of the most important documents is the deed. There are two types of deeds involved in the process that you should be familiar with before signing. Signing the wrong one or restrictions placed on the deed could have a lasting impact on your home. Here is what you need to know.

How Can State Laws That Regulate The Use Of Public Bathrooms By Transgender Individuals Be Overturned?

Recent state laws have attempted to bar individuals from using gender appropriate bathrooms in schools and other public buildings. These laws seek to define gender as the biological gender assigned at birth rather than the gender with which an individual self-identifies, and grant access to bathroom facilities according to the assigned gender. Naturally, this creates the same distress for a transgender individual that would occur if non-transgender individuals were forced to use bathrooms for different genders.

3 Tips To Handle A Home Buyer Backing Out Of The Sale

When a buyer backs out of the purchase of a home, the seller can be left in a tricky position. Not only is the seller faced with having to market the home again, he or she may have other consequences, such as dealing with two mortgages if another home was purchased in anticipation of the sale. If you are the seller, here are some options for handling a deal that did not close.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Put Off Your Divorce

In many marriages, the relationship is over long before the couple ever gets divorced. Some people stay together because they think that things might change, while others stay together to try to keep their children happy. However, if you are unhappy and know that a divorce is in your future, there is really no reason to wait. These are the main reasons why you should talk to a divorce lawyer or mediator now, rather than putting it off for longer than you already have.

Personally Injured By Bed Bugs: A Closer Look At Your Legal Rights

You wake in the middle of the night and grab a flashlight. Much to your horror, the new rental furniture you just had brought to your home is swarming with blood-sucking vampires in the form of tiny bugs. Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon for unwitting customers to rent furniture and wake up to find that they have actually brought home more than what they bargained for. If you have managed to bring home some uninvited extras with furniture you thought to be safe, you may have a good reason for getting in touch with a personal injury attorney for advice.

Refuting Common Misconceptions About Court Reporting Services

Court reporting services are an essential part of the legal process because they create the written record of everything that transpires in the legal proceeding. Unfortunately, there are many new attorneys that may be poorly informed about what to expect when working with these services. If this applies to you, learning the realities behind the following couple of misconception will give you more of an insight into what to expect from these services.

Murder Vs. Manslaughter: What's The Difference?

In the world of law, there are few terms that have created as much confusion as murder and manslaughter. Although both of the terms involve the death of an individual at the hands of the other, the intent is the lynch pin that delineates the difference between the two terms. If there is the intent of malice, which is the serious intent to harm or kill, then a person accused of such a crime will stand trial for murder.

What Damages Can You Collect From A Dog Bite And Who Pays Them?

If you suffer a dog bite, receiving compensation for your injuries could be trickier than you might think. Details, such as if it is the dog’s first time biting someone, can have a bearing on how easy it is for you to collect payment. Before taking legal action, here is what you need to know. What Damages Are You Owed? Before asking for financial compensation, you have to calculate how much you are owed for your dog bite injuries.

Three Tips For Avoiding Bankruptcy

When you are dealing with financial issues, it can be a time filled with stress and peril. You may be worried about how you will adapt and adjust. In this situation, you should make sure that bankruptcy remains an option – but the last possible option that you consider before pulling the trigger on it. The reason for this is that bankruptcy can be very helpful in rebuilding your financial life, but has long-term ramifications on your credit score.