How Your Non-Serious Words Or Joke Can Turn Into A Criminal Solicitation Charge

Your words can get you into trouble, even if you’re only joking around or saying something you feel is innocent. If someone takes what you say as an excuse to commit a crime, you can face a criminal solicitation charge. Here is a look at how criminal solicitation works, and what you should watch out for. Watch What You Say and How You Say It Criminal solicitation implies you gave another person the motivation to commit a crime.

Driving-Related Issues To Bring Up In A Custody Hearing

There are many reasons that you might not want your ex-spouse to get custody of your children, including a selection of rational and non-rational ideas. The latter may be purely emotional, and won’t have much merit when you’re fighting for custody in court, but concerns about the former can definitely impact custody hearings. Judges will often prevent a parent from having custody if he or she has been abusive or has substance abuse issues, but there are many other things that you can bring up if you have concerns about your ex’s ability to have custody.

Myths Concerning Social Security Disability Benefits

Becoming disabled can be a major fear for many individuals. However, it is common for some people to have misinformation when it concerns these important benefits. After being misled by this information, you will be far less capable of going through the process of being approved for these benefits. Myth: Only Elderly Individuals Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits It is often assumed that only elderly individuals can qualify for these benefits.

What Can I Do If I Don't Like My Workers' Comp Doctor?

Your relationship with your doctor is very important. After all, you have to be able to trust this person with your health! Unfortunately, when you’ve been injured on the job, you may not have a lot of choices about which doctor you have to see. In many jurisdictions, workers are presented with a list of doctors whom they can visit for their work-related injuries. That limits your freedom of choice quite a bit.

3 Benefits Of Having A Social Security Disability Attorney

If you have been unable to work because of a disability, you may be considering applying for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits help many disabled Americans afford food, clothes, a place to live, etc. when they are unable to work. Unfortunately, the application process is long and complicated, so even qualifying individuals may get denied. If you are applying for disability benefits, you should hire an attorney to help you submit your claim and win your case.

How Do I Know What My Car Accident Injury Is Worth?

There are many reasons why people get less than they’re entitled to from insurance companies after car accidents. Perhaps the simplest reason is that most people don’t know how much they’re entitled to in the first place. It’s not easy to quantify the actual cost of the damage sustained from an accident. However, there are guidelines that you can use to help you determine the minimum amount you should accept from the insurance company.

Problems With Your New Home? 4 Issues That Might Not Fall Under Construction Defect Liability

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, and you’re experiencing building defects, you may be able to file a suit against the builder. This is particularly true if the problems are caused by defects in craftsmanship, meaning the contractor used substandard practices to build your home.  However, before you file a lawsuit against the contractor, you should know that some defects and damages will not be covered in a lawsuit.

Why Your Lawyer May Want To Refer Your Case

If you are pursuing a personal injury case, there is always a chance that your current lawyer may refer you to another lawyer or law firm. Here are some of the reasons your lawyer may do that: They Are Swamped With Cases A good personal injury attorney will not continue with your case if he or she has too heavy a case load. You may be wondering why such a lawyer would take your case in the first place.

Did You Unkowingly Buy A Car From The Auto Dealership That Had Major Mechanical Problems? Get A Lawyer Fast

If an auto dealership sold you a car and you  believe that they knew there were major complications with the vehicle, and now you are stuck with a vehicle that needs thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs, you want to call a law firm. You want to find out if there is anything you can do about the purchase of the vehicle, and if you can at least return the vehicle and get your money back.

Diabetes And Social Security Disability: What You Need To Know

When the average person thinks about Social Security Disability benefits, diabetes doesn’t always come to mind. However, a disability is a medical condition or complication that limits your activity. If your diabetes is affecting your life in this manner, you may be eligible for benefits. It Starts with a Formal Diagnosis Before you can consider receiving disability benefits for your diabetes condition, you need to get a formal diagnosis. Suspecting that you have diabetes is not enough and will lead to an automatic denial.